Pekka Raittila Resilience Consulting

Service concept

I create resilience and preparedness plans that conform to ISO-22301:2012 and ISO-22330:2018 -standards in cooperation with the client and, if required, according to the local rescue service's wishes. I can also help in training staff, coordinating preparedness exercises, improving internal and external communications and the arrangements for the alerting systems and processes. The main aim is to produce simple and operational documents that seriously reduce overlap and which are easy to keep up to date. When all the plans are created or overhauled at the same time, this produces the best results.

The chosen options will be pre-agreed, and I offer flexibility in adding more options should a need arise.


Satisfied customers

City of Tampere: Preparedness plan, Preparedness Manual and associated other duties;
Municipality of Pirkkala: Preparedness plan (plan overhaul and structure revamp) associated other duties regarding communications;
Municipality of Laukaa: Preparedness plan structure;
Municipality of Askola: Preparedness plan structure;
Municipality of Inkoo: Preparedness plan structure;
Municipality of Puolanka: Preparedness plan structure;
City of Mänttä-Vilppula: Overhaul of the city hall evacuation plan;
City of Loimaa: Training day for city leadership;
Municipality of Siuntio: Preparedness plan structure;
City of Naantali: Preparedness plan in its entirety (Plan overhaul, structure revamp, departmental planning, supply plan)
Finnish Red Cross: Satakunta district office preparedness plan and local chapters' preparedness plans.

As the rescue services are the coordinating bodies for the municipal preparedness planning, cooperation with regional rescue departments has been seamless with excellent results.